Tim, 23 Years Old

Diagnosis IV Heroin and Methamphetamine Addict, Severe Major Depressive Disorder - single episode, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD
Patient Story

Tim had been to inpatient rehab 16 times with no success and reported relapsing with 48 hours of discharge. Due to the high number of relapses, he reported feeling leery of trying again. He has strained relationship with parents and siblings due to drug use, as well as feelings of abandonment from his Mother. Patient has a history of trauma, including near-death experiences, witnessing first-hand tragic deaths, and sexual trauma. He struggled with extreme paranoia in treatment and with others, feeling unsafe in any outside environment. He struggled to obtain motivation and had a hard time being engaged in treatment. Due to his ADHD, Tim was unable to remain still and complete necessary readings and assignments in his treatment.

Once Tim engaged in iTMS™ treatment, his depression and anxiety alleviated, and he was able to obtain a high level of motivation to complete therapeutic assignments, engage more with others in the community, and work the 12-steps with a sponsor. Tim reported, “I have been unable to sit and read and now I actually understand what I am reading for the first time.” He was able to build healthier relationships with others in the community and reported feeling safer at outside meetings and other public environments. After residential discharge, Tim was able to move into sober living and obtain a full-time job while working a 12-step recovery program. Tim is currently 9+ months sober!

Tim's progress is shown in EEG’s from left to right. Below, the graphs are neurocognitive assessments, answered by the patient after every 10th treatment. The higher the score, the worse the symptom. As you can see, there are dramatic drops in scores no longer qualifying them with the original diagnosis.