"I just finished my 22nd and final session of brain frequency treatment today, and I can’t believe how much of a change it has made.

Not only have I stopped switching back and forth from mania and depression, but I literally feel no depression anymore what-so-ever! My balance and motor coordination has also drastically improved, my stutter has gone away, and my sleep quality is out of this world! I feel calm, normal, and balanced, no mania, no depression; just my regular go-getter attitude

When they did my first brain scan, it showed that my neurocognitive functions were all over the place and out of alignment. Thankfully, My brain was apparently was a “quick responder” case, otherwise I might have had to get up to 60 treatments, given the damage.

I can’t believe it...for the first time in my life, feel both calm and still motivated. They were able to equilibrate out my neuron peaks to where they all lined up almost perfectly. I felt a change after the first two treatments and immediately knew this was going to work…"

- Anonymous

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