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Brain Frequency Center is a clinic that integrates science in order to restore balance in the brain. The brain is an integrate command center that has 86 million neurons. When these neurons are out of sync, this produces various symptomology. Mental health needed a solution that was non-evasive, non-chemical and that lasts. 

Individualized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS™) brings the frequencies in all areas of the brain back in balance to promote mental wellness. iTMS™ was developed when science, psychiatry and the medical community came together to find an evidence based approach to a complex problem. 

The brain is a complex organ of neurological activity in which foreign substances are not accustomed. Medications often can and do bring relief, however these can change other areas of the brain which causes the brain to run “out of balance”. This disrupted balance in the brain can be due to multiple other factors such as:

Our Data shows iTMS™ is 94% effective when treating the issue at hand. After treating people for the various disorders they report, the symptoms subside or are eliminated forever. Many of those treated at the Brain Frequency Center tell us they feel positive effects within the first 8 treatments. 

With symptoms under control, people can experience life unlike ever before.

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